In 2018, FirstNet and its contractor AT&T will build out and launch the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN) across the country.

In November 2017, Governor Wolf allowed AT&T to build the Radio Access Network (RAN) portion of the NPSBN in Pennsylvania, instead of building the RAN ourselves. This executive statement of concurrence does not commit any public safety entity in Pennsylvania to subscribe to the FirstNet NPSBN.

PA-FirstNet will continue to provide outreach and education about the FirstNet NPSBN. We will do our best to make it clear:

  • You may subscribe to the FirstNet NPSBN.
  • You do not have to subscribe to the FirstNet NPSBN.
  • You should carefully assess your options for public safety broadband by asking questions about:
    • device costs and pricing plans
    • priority and pre-emption features
    • local coverage and capacity
    • network resiliency, especially during major emergencies and regional power outages
    • access to a store for useful interoperable apps
    • cybersecurity and agency privacy

This website provides news and information about PA-FirstNet, Pennsylvania's initiative in support of FirstNet's NPSBN. It is aimed at the communities of emergency responders and public safety administrators.

Prior to 2018, the PA-FirstNet team surveyed first responders for their requirements and collected 168 MB of data in 944 files. We also made 173 outreach and education presentations and addressed more than 4,000 potential stakeholders where we delivered information about FirstNet's planned NPSBN in Pennsylvania.